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Grass-Roots Telco for Dummies

Wiki Moderator: Kris Coppieters, Rorohiko Workflow Resources

This wiki is currently running on a server at Rorohiko Workflow Resources; its reason for existence is to try and make it easier for an individual to get involved with grass-roots telecommunications.

My interest in these projects is related to my involvement as a delegate in the New Zealand Red Cross IT&T ERU (Information Technology & Telecommunications Emergency Response Unit). The job of my team is to provide telecommunications in emergencies.

Oftentimes, after a disaster has struck, there is no (more) telecommunications infrastructure - no internet, no cellphone coverage, no landlines.

Yet, an efficient relief operation needs good communications. Traditionally, we'd use VHF and HF equipment, and satellite-based communication tools for Internet and telephone connectivity.

New confluences of technologies offer interesting possibilities: the Mesh Potato of the Village Telco project, the Batphone of the Serval project, OpenWRT, Asterisk… might be viable alternatives in providing some of the needed communications infrastructure after a disaster.

Collection of links

Alphabet Soup - acronyms, common terms

Log book - stuff I did and might want to do again, so I am keeping a log

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