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First of all you need a utility to get the necessary URL for mounting the drive. The easiest solution I found is a free utility called 'SkyDriveSimpleViewer'. The problem is that the version on the web is outdated, and it needs to be patched to work. I've downloaded the source code from the links listed at the end of this wiki page. I patched it up and recompiled it, and made the patched version available on this wiki:

Make sure you have the necessary .NET runtimes installed (you can find them at Microsoft, but I think that if you have Windows 7, you're probably OK without any need for extra installations).

Decompress the zip file and run SkyDriveSimpleViewer.exe.

Fill in your details. Your Windows Live account needs to have access to Dave Hadler's SkyDrive. If that's not the case, you need to contact Dave (David Hadler <dave.hadler at>) and pass him your Windows Live ID so he can link you up. My Windows Live ID is 'zwettemaan at', and as you can see, I have access to 'Red Cross Training Material'.

(P.S. To access Dave Hadler's SkyDrive in your browser, you can go to:

but that is not very handy. Mounting it as drive N: makes things much easier)

The resulting URL is:

(I don't think you will be able to use this URL as-is - I suspect it'll be tied to my account, zwettemaan at, and other people's URL 's will look different).

To increase speed you should also make sure the following option is unchecked in Windows (if you don’t need it):

Control Panel, Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings, Automatically detect settings

Then convert the URL to a server address by dropping the prefix, replacing the slashes by backslashes, and adding @SSL after the server address:

\\[email protected]\9b0520da0c85fb54\Red%20Cross%20Training%20Material

Open an Explorer Window and type this into the address field. You can also map a network drive to it - I've mapped it to my drive N:

And that's it: I can now access the SkyDrive on Drive N:

Relevant web pages and the comment that pointed out what to patch below:
(click 'Download' to download source code).

… comment …
The URL is now HTTPS. Open the latest source code and edit line 33 of the SkyDriveConnection.cs file, then recompile and the dll will work as designed. by ioamnesia on Dec 30 2011 at 6:08 AM

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